Transforming the old Landmark Theater into the new and modern Harbor East Cinemas

Harbor East came to Exit10 Advertising with the task of helping them to transform the once well known Landmark Theater, a staple of HE, into what is now known as the Harbor East Cinemas.


Art Direction

Graphic Design




Illustrator CC



1 Week

The Problem

The Landmark Theater, which had been in the heart of Harbor East for 13 years, was being sold and transformed into Harbor East Cinemas, which is owned by the town's property management company. Harbor East needed a logo that would represent the new age of the cinemas in their town, with a modern and high fashion appeal.

The Solution

Through multiple rounds of iterations, we were able to create a strong, clean logo that blended seamlessly with the primary Harbor East brand. We achieved this by using complimentary typefaces, and utilizing the iconic compass from their primary logo.

Round 1

For the first round we presented Harbor East with a set of 7 different options. We were inspired by high end fashion, old school movie theaters (like old school Hollywood), and the harbor that Harbor East sits on.

Round 2

After reviewing round 1, Harbor East decided that they wanted to take a direction that more involved their signature compass design as shown in the last row above. We took the shape of the compass and transformed it into a star, representing movie stars. The star shape mimicked the HE compass to keep everything consistent.

Round 3

With the star/compass direction approved, we moved on to expanding upon the chosen version above with the star being shown without a container. We also presented a series of different typographic layouts to complement it.

Final Logo

In the end, Harbor East chose to stick with the traditional compass rather than the star. They chose the simplistic logo with the curved "cinemas" under Harbor East with the thickness switched from how it was in round three. An alternate logo using the compass horizontally was made for the vertical signage that hangs above the initial sign.

The remaining branding was taken on by another company, but our logo hangs proudly right out front.