Helping Loan Officers Connect Digitally with their Agents

Robin® is a home search product by ListReports® that allows agents using their product to allow their clients to search for homes and connect with the agents all in one place. We created a marketing campaign to help agents use Robin by providing them with flyers, personal QR codes, and social ads to share.


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The Problem

As Robin was a fairly new product, we needed to find a way to engage our agents and their sell-side clients with it.

The Solution

To resolve this, the product team created an informative email that would inform the client of up-to-date data about their home, such as the home's value, local data about homes selling in their area, and real estate trends they should be aware of during their search.

To better engage the clients with our email, we created a series of marketing materials for the agents to use to encourage their clients to sign up for the email and interact with the product.


ListReports is well known for their Shareables, a free social image shared daily for Agents and Loan Officers to use in their personal socials. We took the Shareables format and created four visual options for our Agents to choose from that contains their contact information, and information about the product to engage with their users through socials.


We then expanded upon this information in a flyer, which we encouraged the Agents to both email to their client base as well as print them to bring to open house events.

The second flyer was created to explain the Robin product to consumers to gain user engagement alongside this campaign as marketing material for ListReports.

Landing Pages and QR Codes and Data, Oh My!

On the first flyer you can see a QR code at the bottom. We used that QR code to allow our Agents' clients the ability to easily and quickly access a personalized landing page where users can sign up for the monthly email. The link shown in the shareables also led to this page!


For the primary campaign we chose to use a series of icons to give the marketing assets a more clean, vibrant and technical feel to match the app that we were representing. For the consumer flyer we chose to create a small series of illustrative iconography to create a bright and friendly tone for the client.